Her voice and her imagination are her most finely tuned instruments !! For the best results for your production….

Cast STEPHANIE  to play them for YOU !!


Stephanie R. Saberan      Voice Artist

Having had a performer’s soul from the start, Stephanie has been in the entertainment industry in various forms since early childhood, starting professionally at age 10.
Click on Stephanie’s resume page for her complete credits.

Stephanie’s true passion remains performing and she has studied with the incomparable Elley – Ray Hennessy .  http://www.elleyray.com
True to her first love….. acting , from 2010 to 2014 Stephanie was an on air volunteer reader/ host two times per week , and is now a paid voice for AMI AUDIO (formerly VOICEPRINT)

Go to http://www.ami.ca  for station listings in your area.





Demo Reels and Resume


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